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Purim and Parties!

Another wonderfully fun Purim celebration is in the books!
Rabbi read the Megillah and students loved sounding their groggers at the mention of "Haman".

Each year, for Purim, the students come to school dressed up in costumes. During lunch, each student showed his/her costume and was awarded a superlative (Most Colorful, Best Super Hero, Most Graceful, Silliest, etc.)

Hazzan Greenburg used her accordian to provide us with dancing music and told us stories of Purim!

After parading in our costumes around the school, we went to the middle room for a Purim carnival! There were plenty of fun carnival games to play!
Throwing a sponge at Haman's face
Purim ball toss tournament
Coloring Purim story character masks, word search, and riddles
There was also a scavenger hunt around the school!
 Students decorated white paper bags and filled them with treats for Mishloach manot (giving treats to your friends). Each student was given two coins to donate to two …