Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Our Trip to Israel and Cultures Around the World: Russia

The final country in our study is Russia. We learned that Russia is so big that it has 11 time zones! The architecture is quite unique. 
Using step-by-step instructions, the students drew their own versions of Russian architecture.

We also learned about Faberge eggs--intriquitely decorated eggs made with the finest materials that often held small treasures.

Then, we learned about the famous Russian nesting dolls or Babushka dolls. Using a guided drawing video, the students learned how to draw their own Russian nesting dolls. They colored them, cut them out, and attached them to a toilet paper roll so they could stand up. 

We learned about two different Russian artists: 
Wassily Kandinsky using circles and Kazimir Malevich using rectangles.


Last week, after much preparation, the students were tour guides on a trip to Israel!

Thank you Mrs. Sloane-Brenner for your dedication and hard work! 
A standing ovation was definitely deserved!