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Celebrating Chanukah 2017

Each year, the students create a Chanukah menorah, or chanukiah, to hang on the wall in the multi-purpose room and "light" a candle each day. We decided to do something a little different to give back this year. 
Organized by the Primary, each candle had a basket at the bottom with a label. Hillel families were asked to donate different items that are often needed by homeless shelters. These items included hats, gloves, toys, socks,  scarves, and canned food.  Thank you to all who participated!

Before we left for winter break, we set up some fun Chanukah festivities for the kids to do. One of the festivities included a dreidel tournament.

We were lucky enough to have a special visitor with us on this day. Maytal Levi (seen above playing dreidel) is a former Hillel student and visiting Hebrew teacher. We loved having her!

Students also decorated delicious doughnuts with sugar, cinnamon sugar, or chocolate. They also spread white icing on dreidel-shaped cookies and covered th…

Exploring Flight with Mr. Hoy

A major focus since the start of the school year has been flight.  One of the intermediate students is excellent at making paper so he taught the primary students about the basics of how to create their own paper airplanes. 
Some of the primary students learned how to make specific models of paper airplanes and instructed the other students to create them. 

Mrs. Hoy's husband, Mr. Hoy, came in and taught us about flight using the forces of flight vocabulary: drag, lift, gravity, and thrust. He talked about making a larger front surface for the airplane to have more lift and we act as the thrust by throwing it.

To explore drag and gravity, we dropped different objects from high up to see how they fell. We also learned that airplanes are shaped the way they are because it helps create lift.