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Hillel Talent Show!

The Hillel Talent Show was an endeavor set up by some of the older students. They posted sign-up sheets around the school, created a sign to advertise, and judged the show. 
So many of the students participated and fun was certainly had by all.  We had joke tellers, a mime, actors, hip-hop dancers, jumping rope expert, Irish dancer, Middle Eastern dancer, magician, and a bowler.  Clearly, we have a wide variety of talents at Hillel!

Plein Air Paintings at Aullwood

Our first trip to Aullwood of the school year was for something we haven't yet done there: painting! We met Mr. Rowlands in a beautiful meadow at Aullwood and he taught us how to look at nature through an artist's eyes. 
Instead of painting in a classroom, the students experienced en plein air painting. This is a French term that means painting outdoors. 
Mr. Rowlands taught us to notice how the sky goes all the way down to meet the grass and that there is even sky in between the branches. Students learned about layering the paint helps the painting look more realistic. 

Using acrylic paint on canvas, the students began by painting the sky and then the grass.

We looked closely at plants and trees to help up include good details in our paintings.

Finally, once the sky and grass were dry, we added the tree and other details.