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What Dreams We Have and How They Fly!

The Primary students started out the new school year by thinking about how they can make this the best year yet. We read this book and talked about our hopes and dreams for the coming year.
We also read a book called Dream that encourages people to dream---dream beyond what you already know and into what others think is impossible. People (and animals!) have been proving others wrong for thousands of years! 
(Below is a video of the book being read.)
To encourage students to reach higher and dream bigger, they traced their arms and decorated them. 
We hung the arms on the door as if they are coming out of Hillel Academy to remind us each and every day that we can achieve the impossible if we reach high enough and dream big enough!
We also read a sweet book called Cloudette, in which a very small cloud feels she has a special gift to give the world but does not think she can do anything big and important because she is too small. Eventually, she solves her problem and realizes there ar…

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