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Our Trip to Israel and Cultures Around the World: Russia

Russia The final country in our study is Russia. We learned that Russia is so big that it has 11 time zones! The architecture is quite unique.  Using step-by-step instructions, the students drew their own versions of Russian architecture.

We also learned about Faberge eggs--intriquitely decorated eggs made with the finest materials that often held small treasures.

Then, we learned about the famous Russian nesting dolls or Babushka dolls. Using a guided drawing video, the students learned how to draw their own Russian nesting dolls. They colored them, cut them out, and attached them to a toilet paper roll so they could stand up. 

We learned about two different Russian artists:  Wassily Kandinsky using circles and Kazimir Malevich using rectangles.

Isreal Last week, after much preparation, the students were tour guides on a trip to Israel!

Thank you Mrs. Sloane-Brenner for your dedication and hard work!  A standing ovation…

Aullwood Nature Explorations

The students used their five senses to explore nature during a hike at Aullwood.

Cultures Around the World: Iceland and Mexico

Iceland We learned to play a game that the Vikings played. It goes by a couple different names such as Nine Men's Morris or Mills. But we just called it Mills. Then students used clay to create game pieces. Using markers, they colored half their clay red and the other half blue. Then, they rolled them into 18 balls, nine red and nine blue, and flattened them. Each student also created a little pouch in which to hold the game. 
Iceland is known for wool, so, the students created sheep by painting clothespins and a cardboard sheep body black.  After they dried, they wrapped the sheep bodies with yarn until they were fluffy like sheep's wool.

Amazingly, the day Mr. Brisco brought his baby lamb to school, was the same time we were learning about Iceland!
Another major attraction of Iceland is the Aurora Borealis, or the Northern Lights. Using shaving cream and paint on black paper, students created the Northern Lights. 

Iceland is surrounded by water, therefore, there is an abunda…