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Pesach, a Baby Lamb, and Loaves of Love

Pesach Each year, Rabbi Simon comes up with ways to make learning about Pesach (Passover) fun. And this year was no exception! The students used their iPads to answer multiple choice questions from the board.

In between questions, the older students would teach the school about different aspects of Pesach.
_________________________________________________________________ Baby Lamb Sweet little Alli came to school with Mr. Brisco yesterday. If you don't already know, Mr. Brisco owns a sheep farm. Alli is a lamb born 7 days ago. She is a twin, however, for some reason, the mother is not allowing Alli to nurse so Mr. Brisco brought her to school to bottle feed her throughout the day.  (And, yes, she is wearing a diaper!)

_____________________________________________________ Loaves of Love
The second half of the primary class went to Chabad to participate in Loaves of Love. They made oatmeal chocolate chip cookies as well as chocolate chip cookies. 
The students took turns adding ingred…

The Human Body

We had just a couple weeks before we began learning about cultures around the world so we decided to spend some time learning about the human body! As it is with all of our units of study, we didn't just learn surface level content--we went deep. Bone deep! We began our study by learning about our skeleton. We learned that our skeleton, made up of 206 bones, is the framework that gives our bodies shape and allows us to move. 
Mrs. Hoy even brought in real bones from the butcher for us to examine! She boiled most of the bones to kill off the germs so the students could look closely at them. 

However, she kept the biggest bone as-is so the students could really see and feel the layers (Don't worry, it was sealed in a bag!)

We talked about the well-known bones (i.e. skull, ribs, pelvis, spine, femur, etc.) and students cut out, put together, and labeled their own skeletons. 
Next, we talked a little bit about joints and muscles. We learned that our bones are able to move because…