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Our Weather Unit

We began our weather unit learning about clouds. We learned about 4 types of clouds: stratus, cumulus, cirrus, and cumulonimbus.
We learned that cirrus clouds are very high in the sky and cumulus and stratus are lower. Stratus clouds can even be so low that we can walk through them: fog! We learned that cumulonimbus clouds begin as cumulus clouds low in the sky but they they stack higher and higher until they become high, gray thunderstorm clouds!

Mrs Hoy's oldest son is a pilot so she showed us a video of him flying through fog!

The students created  the different types of clouds to add to our landform mural in the hallway!

The next thing to address was how are clouds formed!?  The water cycle, of course!
We learned a song to help us remember! (complete with hand motions and everything!) (to the tune of: She'll Be Comin' Round the Mountain) Water travels in a cycle, yes it does Water travels in a cycle, yes it does It goes up as evaporation Then forms clouds as condensat…