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Force and Motion

This unit was done differently than some of our others. To really learn about force and motion, you have to experience them! So this unit is comprised of many experiments and experiences that the students reflected upon at the conclusion of the unit by creating posters for the hallway. I will include their "I learned..." statements about each experiment as I explain them. _______________________
Motion is defined as "a change in position" so we began by learning positional words that would be used to describe movement.

Next, we started exploring force. We learned that a force is a push or a pull that makes an object move. Students were given the task of utilizing the objects from their bag (popsicle stick, straws, string, and rubberband) to move the stone. The catch was that they couldn't touch the stone with their hands! They had fun figuring out different ways to use the objects to push and pull the stone!

We also learned about another type of force. It is a…