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Celebrating Patriotism in Primary!

Last week was a big one for America. With Election Day on Tuesday (November 8th) and Veterans Day on Friday (November 11th), we spent the week learning about our country.
First, we talked about American symbols. We have learned about the Liberty Bell, bald eagle, American flag, Declaration of Independence, Statue of Liberty, George Washington, U.S. Seal, and The White House.  We said the Pledge of Allegiance and sang America the Beautiful.
Then, the second graders taught the class about elections and voting. They asked questions to make sure the class understood.  On Tuesday, we had our own election! We had learned from the second graders that only adults could vote for President; so, we set up an Animal Election!  First, students filled out their voter registration cards. 
They were told the candidates and understood they were only allowed to vote for one. cat dog monkey rabbit One at a time, they brought their registration card to the polling place to fill out their secret ballot.