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The Oakwood Chocolate Shop

Awhile back, the primary students began their Social Studies unit about goods and services. Wanting something hands-on (of course) they were thinking of what they could do to show goods being made--the students wanted it to involve something they could eat. The tricky part was figuring out what we could make in school and remain Kosher. With Miss Rochel's help, we decided on chocolate! 
Not surprisingly, the students were ready to get elbow deep in chocolate almost immediately, but the boss in charge (Mrs. Hoy) made sure they went through the proper steps for creating a product in the most economical way possible. A block of chocolate, mix-ins, chocolate molds, and measuring tools were purchased. The mix-ins were decided by what could be purchased locally to help keep costs low.  Knowing the variety of mix-ins available, each student decided on a tasty combination for his/her chocolates and got to work! First, the mix-ins went into the mold. Then, melted chocolate was poured over…

Birds of Prey

Through our partnership with Aullwood Audubon Center, naturalist Miss Nicole came to teach us about birds of prey.

She even brought in a Peregrine falcon to the visit!
As part of the presentation, she brought owl pellets for the students to dissect! To clear up any confusion, 'owl pellets' are the undigested parts of food (mostly bones and fur) that are coughed up by the bird. They are not droppings or poo and they do not smell! Since owls swallow their prey whole, the bones found within the pellet can tell you what the owl had to eat! All of our pellets contained the bones from mice. After extracting them, we used a chart to help us identify each bone and where they came from in the mice. Then, we pressed the bones into playdough to create the body of the mammal.
To continue our study of birds of prey, Miss Jacqui from the Wright Memorial Library came to read us some awesome books about birds of prey and brought us a huge bag of books on birds of prey. We love when Miss Jacqu…