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Primary Literacy

Literacy in Primary is taught using flexible grouping to cater to the needs of each student. This helps ensure students are appropriately challenged while gaining independence. 
Mrs. Boltz introduces these students to different literature doing read-alouds and shared reading activities. Integrating reading with other subjects is a great real-life application of reading. For instance, while the students were reading books about apples, Mrs. Boltz incorporated science by teaching them about the life cycle of an apple and the four seasons of an apple tree.

These students have been working so hard this year on learning their letter sounds and blending them to read and write words. Recently, they began using those sounds and sight words to write sentences about their own experiences! 
"I went to my grandma's house."
For other students, Mrs. Boltz begins class with journal-writing time. This is about 5-10 minutes in which the students are encouraged to write about personal to…

Learning About Air

Primary began the year in science focusing on flight and how it works. Our eventual goal is to learn how to make and fly airplane models.
At the start of our unit about flight, we asked the students: What do we need to fly?  Their response: air. They seemed to understand that air is important for flight, but they had difficulty explaining why. Therefore, we began our investigation learning the basics about air!
 Some students did research about different topics surrounding air and learned how to conduct experiments that would model these concepts. In preparation for teaching the other students, they practiced demonstrating and explaining what was happening.
Question one:  Is there air inside a jar? This ping-pong ball was pushed down in the water by using the air in the jar. Also, the air in the jar prevented the napkin from getting wet when the jar was pressed down into the water.

Question Two: What is air? As seen by these balloons getting bigger when air is pushed into them, air t…