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Outer Space Explorers!

Earlier this year, we learned about landforms and the Earth. Then, we moved up to the sky and weather. Now, we went even further up and just finished exploring outer space! We began by looking the most important part of our solar system: the sun! We learned that stars come in different colors, temperatures, and sizes. The sun isn't the hottest star out there, rather, just the closest. 

Students created a background for our hallway mural.
Then, we explored the planets that orbit our sun.
To help us remember the order of the planets, we used this phrase:
Students created works of art using oil pastels to show the orbit path for each planet.

Each student also wrote a research paper about one of the planets.
What outer space unit would be complete without paper mache planets? :) First step: get messy!

Step Two: Paint 

Step Three: Add surface details using tissue paper