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Daily happenings and starting our insect unit

Chunk Spelling Part of our word study/spelling program is something we call Chunk Spelling. Each week, we will focus on a chunk. The first week, it was -op and last week was -at. We brainstorm three-letter, four-letter (with blends and digraphs), and big words (words in which the chunk is 'hidden') and write them on a chart. Each day, we do different activities using our chunk words such as spelling games and writing sentences. 

Social Studies In Social Studies, we read Red, A Crayon’s Story, about a blue crayon that was mistakenly labeled with a red wrapper. Everyone judged Red's ability by his outside (the red wrapper) and did not look within at his uniqueness. We talked about how someone's outside does not tell you what is on the inside. We also talked about the many different shades of red and how even though you would call them all 'red' they are all still so different and special.
We also re…

Our First Week in Primary!

Meet the Primary Class all-star cast!

The first week of school is all about building up classroom community. We read a lot of books that teach us about trying our best, how to work together, and what it means to be a good friend. 
One of the big parts of starting a new school year is realizing that each person in the class is different and unique--and that's a good thing! We are all different but when we come together as a class, we create something beautiful! To illustrate this, each student outlined his/her hands, decorated them with crayons, and then went over them with watercolors. 

Separately, each hand was unique and beautiful; however, it isn't until we all came together that we created something truly special.
We also talked about how every single person is an important part of our class. Just like a puzzle, if one piece is missing, we aren't complete.  "Isn't it a wonderful thing that we're all different? Each of us has strengths and skills to share…